Friday, July 9, 2010

Overnight Buddy Camp

Sorry I didn't get it posted right away, but we had our first camp-out! It was a one night camp-out designed to give the girls a chance to meet older and younger troops. The girls had a great time, as did I. We arrived on Friday evening and after going over safety rules and setting up camp, the girls were put into mixed groups to talk about what kind of experiences they have had in Girl Scouts so far. Then we started the campfire and made some s'mores! I survived the night in a tent with 4 little blonde girls! There were lots of giggles and whispers, but they were good girls and went to sleep with no problem. Saturday morning we took the girls on a nature hike to do some bird watching. My little group saw a red shouldered black bird (I think that's what it was called.) Our afternoon project was to make fire-starters by stuffing cotton or dryer lint into pine cones. Loretta then dipped them in melted wax. The girls then helped pack up the camp and were ready for a water-balloon fight. Sammi and I had to leave a little early but we had so much fun! I hadn't tent-camped in years and it was Sammi's first time. I can't wait to go to our 2-night campout in August.