Friday, January 29, 2010

Time to sell some cookies!

The girls are very excited for cookie sales, and they can officially start today. We had a cookie rally a few weeks ago and the girls who were able to attend had a ton of fun! I helped with putting the girls' pictures on their own box of cookies. At our last meeting I went over all the rules of the cookie sales with the parents but I did not hand out the forms, since it was over a week before our sales could start. Our council has set the rule that early sales would result in the entire troop losing it's proceeds, so my assistant and I felt it was better to be safe than sorry. We discussed earning a badge by taking an online safety quiz and about our goals for this sale. I also asked the parents about ideas for locations for Cookie sales in the community. We had lots of great ideas and I am hoping that we will be able to set up a table indoors since the weather here is still so cold!

Month #4 -- Earning our Light Green Petals

This month we needed to talk about earning our Light Green petals as well as prepare for our Red petals. Two of the girls in the troop missed the meeting in December, so I decided to read a story to the girls that had lessons about being considerate and caring as well as being brave and strong. I felt that the fable The Lion and the Mouse would fit perfectly. I started out by asking if the Lion was brave and strong, the girls agreed, but they also agreed that he didn't have to be nice to anyone if he didn't want to, since he is the king of the jungle. They thought the Mouse might be caring but since mice always run away and hide, they aren't very brave. At the end of the story the girls saw that the Lion had tried being considerate and caring and the Mouse had found courage. To back up the lesson, I created a bookmark as our craft. The girls colored and cut out the bookmark. When the bookmark is closed the Lion says, "I can be considerate and caring" and the mouse sits at his feet. When the mouse is pulled down, the message "and I can be courageous and brave." apears. Click here if you for the PDF would like to use this craft. For homework I asked the girls to find a new exercise to learn, reminding them that exercise makes their bodies strong. For example, Sammi wants to learn to hula hoop.